January 10, 2013

Turnaround Time Reminder & Explanation

My standard turnaround time is 2 business days for all invitations, thank you cards and/or small orders.  Larger order will be 3-4 business days.

Please take time to read my shop policies.  I know they are boring but they are there for a reason.  They help you decide if my store is the right place for you and helps me to stay on track with my business.  I have received several emails from people placing orders and then in a few hours want to know why they haven't received anything from me. 

My turnaround time is listed in each of my product descriptions, my store policies, the front of my shop (on Etsy), FAQ, and even on the receipt you receive with your order.  I have tried to put it everywhere so that if you missed it one place you would see it somewhere else...but YOU have to read it!

I know that 2 business days is not ideal for everyone...sometimes time gets away from us and we need things turned around a bit faster.  Well I thought of that too so I do offer a rush fee that you can purchase for $5.00.  All you do is order the rush fee along with your invite and I will make sure that you get your file within 24 hours from the date ordered!   On my website you will see the rush fee on the checkout screen, on Etsy you will find it on the top of my page.

Please remember I am a small business (and when I say small I mean it is just me working out of my home).  I need spare time to do new designs and samples for you so having a standard turnaround time gives me the time I need to create new items.  I also have two little ones that I tend to all day so I am not always home or available to work. So this keeps me on a schedule and I am big on schedules.

Please have patience and understanding.  My turnaround time I believe is fair and reasonable.  You do have a choice, so if my turnaround time does not meet your expectations then please do not purchase from me.

If you have read this blog post here is a special treat.  Enter code BLOG110 and get 10% off your total purchase.  Valid on Etsy and my website.  This will expire at the end of January.  Oh yeah...you read that right.  THE END OF JANUARY!  Yippee!

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